The Two Thousands


  • Father Stephen Cooney came to serve in July.
  • August 27th, Bishop Bruskewitz gave permission to return the Tabernacle for the reservation of the Blessed Sacrament.
  • Ceiling fans were installed on October 8th.
  • Bob Zackery built the altar of repose for St. John’s tabernacle and stands for the statues of the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph.
  • Sherron Hagan refurbished the B.V. Mary and St. Joseph statues.
  • Alyce Miller reported a good catechism program with lay teachers: Mary Jane Gardine, Ann Forster, Barb Foss, Brenda Mahlberg, Teresa Taute, and Nicole Younger.
  • Trustees were Robert Hanson, Sharon Leibhart, and Tom Wilcox.
  • Music Ministry was led by Jim Leibhart and Laura Svoboda.


  • February 10th, the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick was celebrated along with the World Day of Prayer for the Sick.
  • Robert Engle and Thomas Wilcox were instituted as Acolytes In March.
  • Bob Zackery made plaques for the Stations of the Cross and a Tabernacle stand.
  • In May, Velma Fox donated outdoor benches in memory of her husband, Dale.
  • Oak chairs were ordered for the Sanctuary.
  • Dividers were donated by John & Eleanor Boyle.
  • Richard Shaughnessy bestowed a donation in his will.
  • Disciples in Mission, a three-year Lenten program, was led by Robert and Genevieve Engle.
  • Crossing the Threshold Campaign contributed to the parish.


  • Father Thomas Lux came to serve.
  • Robert Engle and Mary Fertig became Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to the Sick.
  • Myron Wendland was instituted in the Acolyte Ministry
  • Saint John participated in the Parish Family Mission led by Father William Gaffney, C.Ss.R.and Mrs. Gloria Anson.
  • Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the home was promoted.
  • Sherron Hagan refurbished the Sacred Heart of Jesus statue.
  • Father Lux, Mary Fertig, Maria and Myron Wendland and Latisha Jones attended World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia with Pope Benedict XVI.
  • Votive Candles and Votive Candle Stand donated by Jerry and Alyce Miller.
  • The Church roof ridge cap and roof screws were replaced by Bennett Construction.
  • Church main doors were replaced by Builders Warehouse of Kearney through an anonymous donation.
  • The window inserts in the doors were preserved.


  • Father Jay Buhman came to serve.