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Little Saints Preschool

Little Saints Preschool

students celebrate with a PJ day

Math Discrimination:

Recognize and name colors and shapes. Match objects with one to one correspondence, develop special relationships; big-little, over-under, beginning-middle-end, etc. Distinguish between numbers and letters. Number recognition, sort & classify (shapes, colors, sizes, materials, etc). Recognize and create visual patterns. Recognize all different types of measurement that can be made (height, length, weight, etc.). Ability to group or sort. Develop number concepts (counting, number order, number recognition). Count up to ten, learn to write his/her phone number and address.

Reading and Language Arts/Literacy:

Develop listening skills; follow directions, write his/her first and last name. Develop a love for books, retell main events of stories. Repeat familiar songs, poems, rhymes, chants. Recognize the difference between reality and fantasy. Memorize simple phrases, ask questions to acquire more information. Begin and/or complete an original story. Expand vocabulary, use communication that is clearly understandable to others. Communicate needs, wants and thoughts through words, gestures, actions or expressions. Begin the concept of rhyming words through poems and songs. Use scribbles, shapes or pictures to represent specific thoughts, ideals or stories. Gain an awareness of the alphabet, begin letter recognition, learning letter sounds and begin writing letters.

Science/Social Studies:

Become aware of nature, make observations through active investigation. Explore and describe processes and objects in nature. Begin to find answers to questions through active investigation. Become aware of themselves and their bodies. Become aware of family and social structures, begin to understand cause/effect relationships. Gain an appreciation of the past.


Learn to hold pencils, crayons, scissors, paint brushes, etc. correctly. Develop tracing skills and cutting skills. Develop fine motor skills used in squeezing, buttoning, and handling the computer mouse. Put blocks together and take them apart with ease. March in rhythm, skip, gallop, hop, dance, roll, etc. (on cue).


Learn to wait to speak until called on. Appropriately express and mange their feelings. Begin displaying independence, confidence and competence in activities. Cooperate in a group, take turns, share, be kind to others. Show awareness of & responds to the feelings of others.


Develop a relationship of love with Jesus through the Holy Spirit. Love and respect God, God’s world, themselves, other students, teachers, and other people. Gain knowledge of God’s word, introduction to God’s Church. Become familiar with Bible characters and saints.