"Opportunity Scholarships Empower Parents and Students: See www.lincolndiocese.org/opportunity for more details. Forty-eight states have school choice legislation. Nebraska should not be the exclusion

ASCS Scholarship Information

We believe that Catholic Education is a gift that should be available for all chilren, regardless of the family's socio-economic status.


No child will be refused an education at All Saints Catholic School for financial reasons.


All Saints Parish and the Diocese of Lincoln are extremely generous in supporting the education of the children of All Saints Catholic School. Due to this generosity, tuition costs are kept to a small percent of the actual cost of educating a child.


All Saints Catholic School has many scholarship oportunities. Call the office if you have questions about our scholarships

GOOD SHEPHERD Scholarship ( Diocese of Lincoln) brochure

All Saints Scholarship
All Saints Guardian Angel Scholarship
All Saints Parish Active Member discount

Important information regarding scholarships
Every family is asked to apply for all scholarships via FACTS
*Good Shepherd Scholarship ($1,600) is available from the Diocese of Lincoln to all students based on financial need
*All Saints Catholic Parish Scholarship are available to all students (NOT based on financial need)
*All Saints Catholic Parish Guardian Angel Scholarship are available to each student based on financial need
*All Saints Parish Active Member discount for registered members supporting All Saints Catholic Church.

1.    Must complete the FACTS Aid Assessment online and provide all supporting documentation by the deadline date FACTS
2.    All past due tuition and fees need to be resolved before any financial aid can be awarded
3.    Applications accepted begining January 1, 2022 - Deadline to apply is March 31, 2022

2020-21 Annual Cost per student $9,055.00
2021-22 Tution per student $2,750 (before scholarships)