Totus Tuus

Summer CCD



June 26-July 1, 2022


For Students entering 1st grade through just graduated high school seniors.

High School Sunday to Thursday June 26-June 30 ~ 8-10pm

1st-8th Grades Monday to Friday June 27-July 1 ~ 9am-3pm

Even if you cannot come everyday, join us when you can during the week!

TOTUS TUUS FEE - $25 per student or $60 per family of 3 or more

HOT NUTRITIOUS LUNCH  (per student) $3.50 per day or $15 per week

Daily Mass
Join us daily for Mass at 11:30 am

Parish Potluck
Wednesday, June 29. Meet the team and join us for a potluck supper at 6 pm.
This is a parish-wide event. This gathering gives the team the opportunity to meet with families and other parish members. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know the team, where they are from, etc. During the evening, the Team Leader will introduce the team and explain a little about the history and mission of Totus Tuus. To close the night, the team will lead the children in some songs for the parish.


House Totus Tuus Team in your home
Share an evening meal with the team members
  Help needed during snack and lunch breaks
  • donations of kool-aid and ice needed   *donations of kool-aid and LOTS of ice needed


o 1st - 8th grade students bring a change of clothes for Mass
o 1 package or 2 dozen cookies per family to share for the week
o Hot Lunch available $3.50 per day / $15 per week (per student) or bring your own cold lunch





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2022 Curriculum

Theme: Prayer

Mysteries: The Luminous Mysteries


K-8th grade

Class #1 The Baptism of the Lord
Class #2 What is Prayer
Class #3 Praying with the Scripture
Class #4 Praying with Mary

Class #1 The Wedding Feast at Cana
Class #2 Adoration
Class #3 Our Father, Who Art in Heaven...
Class #4 Hallowed be Thy Name...


Class #1 The Proclamation of the Good News
Class #2 Contrition and Thanksgiving
Class #3 Give Us This Day...
Class #4 Forgive us...

Class #1 The Transfiguration
Class #2 Supplication
Class #3 Lead Us Not...
Class #4 Praying with the Saints

Class #1 The Institution of the Eucharist
Class #2 The Battle of Prayer



2022 Topics: High School

SUNDAY: The Our Father

MONDAY: What is prayer?

                The Battle of Prayer


TUESDAY: Meditation
                 Adorations & Confession

WEDNESDAY: Apologetics

                      Heroes of Prayer